Asbestos Management

The Control of Asbestos Regulations 2012 [1] came into force on 6th April 2012. The Asbestos Regulations place a 'duty to manage asbestos' in non-domestic premises on building owners and managers.

Management surveys are required where there is reason to suspect asbestos containing materials are present on site. All buildings built before 2000 could contain asbestos products.

Refurbishment or Demolition surveys are required where structural alterations are being made that may reveal or disturb known or unknown asbestos containing materials.

Our qualified asbestos consultants (minimum P402) with over 10 years individual experience of commercial and education properties will undertake Management and Refurbishment / Demolition surveys of your premises, prepare a survey report including material assessment, location plans and sample analysis results from which we will prepare a register of the location, description and condition of asbestos containing materials.

We will provide guidance on the management or removal of asbestos and prepare a management plan for you. We will assist in the ongoing management of asbestos containing materials on your site including regular condition assessments and register updates while providing asbestos awareness training that is tailored to your site requirements.

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