Ductwork Cleaning

Not all supply ducts need cleaning but some will be in a poor condition with heavy accumulated dust in the duct, staining ceilings and throwing dirt into the workplace.

Imagine inhaling air through a dirty vacuum hose.

blocked frost coil

Extract systems in particular; from toilets, changing rooms, hospitals, isolation rooms and production areas become blocked allowing odours, steam and microbes to accumulate.

Ductwork can be cleaned via existing access or with the installation of factory made access panels. We ensure our panels are high quality and comply with fire regulations. The ducts are cleaned using negative air pressure and rotary brushes or compressed air lines. The dust is dislodged and sucked from the duct by the filtered extract fan. The filters ensure the workplace is not contaminated by the extracted dust.

Air handling unit coils and condensate drains are hand cleaned and disinfected to control microbe and legionella growth. Air handling unit deep cleaning is recommended annually as part of your routine maintenance. If you take care of your air intake, filters and AHU components the need for expensive duct cleaning can be avoided.

Corroded surfaces can be treated and sealed and structural defects repaired so your ventilation system can run for many more years in a clean and efficient condition.

All work is undertaken in accordance with B&ES TR19 and a post clean report including before and after photographs.

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