Fire Damper Testing & Maintenance

Fire dampers play a crucial role in a building's fire safety system. If a damper failed to work correctly the fire would spread.

motorised damper witnessing

If you could not demonstrate that you have carried out routine testing and maintenance your insurance may be void and you may be held liable.

Dirt and dust accumulate over time to prevent dampers operating efficiently. Some dampers have never been tested and remain secured open so they will never operate. We have located dampers that were never tested after installation and haven't been operational for years.

British Standard 9999:2008 BS 9999 states that "Fire dampers employing channels and grooves to house sliding blades are susceptible to accumulation of dirt and other deposits..." providing ideal material & conditions to make more destructive and widespread any fire."

All fire dampers need to be tested by a competent person on completion of the installation and at regular intervals not exceeding 2 years. Spring-operated fire dampers should be tested annually and fire dampers situated in dust-laden and similar atmospheres should be tested much more frequently, at periods suited to the degree of pollution."

Fire dampers may also require more frequent testing if they are installed in areas of heavy dust contamination.

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